Change Your Schedule, Change Your Life

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Look at your schedule, your calendar, your task-list.  Do the items you see reflect your highest priorities in life?

I did this exercise a few months back and I realized that my schedule was made up of urgent tasks, but not my priorities in life.  And because of this reflection, I made some significant changes to my schedule.  And these changes are positively impacting my life.

To highlight my schedule changes, I will share them in the form of questions that I asked myself.

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    • Do you value your relationship with God?  If so, is your Bible study & prayer time on your schedule?
    • Is your relationship with your spouse a top priority in your life?  If so, is a monthly date night on the calendar?
    • Do you value your relationship with your kids?  If so, is there a regular time devoted to them in your schedule?
    • Are you investing in community?  How does your schedule reflect your priority of church?
    • Do you want to live long enough to see your kids married, to witness the birth of your grandkids, to grow old with your wife?  If so, is exercise in your routines?  How does your grocery list reflect the diet you want to have?
    • Do you value your job?  If so, is there vision & planning time on the schedule?
    • Is friendships a priority in your life?  If so, how often are you investing in those relationships?
    • Are you a learner?  If so, when are you reading and learning in the areas that you are pursing?

And the list could go on.  These questions not only probe to the person that I am today, but also to the person I want to become.

What kind of person do you want to become?

I made the following changes to my schedule:

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    • I do my Bible Reading the evening before bed each night.
    • I exercise 5 days a week at 4 pm (after I pick Micah up from school and take Jacob to work). I am drinking a gallon of water a day.  No snacks after dinner.
    • As I exercise, I listen to an audiobook for 30 minutes – accomplishing my necessary reading.
    • I added time for each of my three kids doing things that reflect who they are and their interests.
    • I am home 2 nights a week to devote to family.  I have meetings two nights a week to devote to the ministry of the church.  I reserve Friday evenings for my amazing wife.
    • My schedule has regular time for vision and planning – giving attention to short and long-term goals.  I am in the process of creating a life-plan.
    • Each week, I am asking the question -” God, who do you want me to connect with this week”?
    • Since I am a geek, I am making sure I have some geeky fun on the calendar.

Look at your schedule:  what you see is what you value.  And what you don’t see isn’t getting your attention.

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