BOOK REVIEW: How the Bible Actually Works (by Peter Enns)

How does the Bible actually work?  Peter Enns paints a beautiful picture of God’s people accepting the sacred responsibility of reimagining God for their time and place using the virtue of Wisdom.  And when we read our Bibles, we also share in that same sacred responsibility of using wisdom to interpret Scripture in our context.  The author masterfully helps see our part in God’s ongoing story.  I highly recommend to this book to all those who desire to grow closer to God as they study his Word.

My Top 5 Quotes from “How the Bible Actually Works”:

  1. “The Bible holds out for us an invitation to accept this timeless and sacred responsibility of working out for ourselves what faith in God looks like here and now, of owning the process, with no accompanying checklist of one-size-fits-all solutions, no safety net of prescript responses, and no fear that God will bring down the hammer on us for accepting the challenge of faith.” (Page 15)
  2. “Wisdom heals us to see God as God is.” (Page 17)
  3. “…changing times require adjustments to thinking about God and faith”. (Page 62)
  4. “…reimagining God for one’s here and now is what Christians and Jews have been doing ever since there have been Christians and jews, and invariably so, because we are people.  And that process of reimagination began, as we already seen, within the pages of the Bible itself.  The sacred responsibility I’ve been talking about is really a call to follow this biblical lead and reimagine God in our time and place”.  (Page 125)
  5. “Following Jesus’s teachings is following the path of wisdom – it is your actions, what you say and do to others, not maintaining a hard-line doctrinal stance or turning faith into an intellectual abstraction.  And just like Proverbs, Jesus’s teachings are long on casting a vision, but short on scripted details.  We have to figure it out every bit as much as we have to work out whether to answer or not answer a fool (Prov. 26:4-5).  Following the Sage of Sages takes wisdom and produces wisdom.  The life of faith is a journey alongside the wise master teacher.” (Page 202).

I encourage you to check out this book and accept your sacred responsibility.  

I received an advance reader copy from HarperOne.