The Invitation



“It is finished” – the last words of Jesus on the cross, were also the last words of a dying world. The old world, old creation, old order of things was dying.   From Adam’s transgressions, to Cain’s city onward, the world was dying, it was a dying place, a place of death. We inherited from our forefathers, Adam and Cain, … Read More

Unity not Uniformity



Yesterday at Journey Church, I spoke about God’s call to us to be unified as the Church and as a church.  Unity is not optional.  When we don’t live in unity we fail to be the church.  When we don’t live in unity, we can’t call ourselves the ecclesia, the church of Jesus. Part of our problem with unity is … Read More

Myths and Truths of Sanctification

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During the first message of our Spark series on the Pursuit of Holiness, I shared the following Myths and Truths from Diane Leclerc’s amazing book – Discovering Christian Holiness: The Heart of Wesleyan-Holiness Theology. SANCTIFICATION MYTHS Holiness and entire sanctification are synonymous. Entire sanctification is the destination of the Christian life. Entire sanctification takes away our ability to sin. We do not receive … Read More