What is the Lectionary?

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Starting this week at Journey & Living Hope, we will be using the Lectionary for our Sunday sermons and our rhythm for our Bible reading. For those unfamiliar with the Lectionary, here is some helpful info:   What is the Lectionary? The Lectionary is a three-year cycle of weekly readings used by churches all around the world. The Lectionary is built … Read More

Our Strategy at Journey Church

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This post is a letter that I sent to the church that I pastor.   To my Journey Church family: Grace and peace to you.  I hope you are sensing the presence of God with you on your journey this week. Jesus has been so good to us as a church.  Each week the stories come in on what He … Read More

Radical Diversity

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God is bringing about a future that is beyond our imagination, and He is using His Church to be part of it.  These are exciting days to be part of God’s Church! I have written about how we need to be unified around Christ inside our local churches and also throughout the larger Church.  Today, I would like us to consider … Read More